California triathlon

What You Should Know About Local Triathlons

Ultra Runs in Northern California offer a challenge for athletes of all skill levels. They range from flat terrain to extremely high altitudes. With the races that offer up to twenty-mile runs, all athletes acquire the opportunity to exhibit their talent and win prizes.

How Does This Work?

The athletes sign up for the event that meets their preferences. With a California triathlon, participants should review the requirements to determine if it is right for them. For example, these events are a combination of running, bicycling, and swimming. At the end of these events, athletes must place within the first three positions to win prizes. Typically, this is a valuation based on where they place within their age group.

To sign up for their chosen event, they complete a registration form and submit all fees. In most cases, they can register online through the website for the event. To ensure that they obtain a spot within the triathlon they should register before the posted deadline.

Choosing the Event that is Right for You

As you review the upcoming triathlons and marathons, you should evaluate the events based on the challenge they present. For example, the details indicate where the races and events are held. You should familiarize yourself with this area to review the terrain. In some events, the elevation is higher than others and could present a greater challenge.

Training for Your Chosen Event

When you are training for the events, you should consider utilizing the area or similar terrain to help you prepare. As you train, you'll increase your endurance and ability to switch between running, swimming, or bicycling. During the events, each portion is performed at higher than normal speeds. You should track your time to monitor your progress.


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